Jason Salmon "Biscuits & Gravity"
[ feature stand-up comedy special ] Director, Editor
Andy Fiori
"Check Right" [ feature stand-up comedy special ] Director, Editor
Andy Samberg & T-Pain
"Still Not Getting On That Mother F#cking Boat" [ comedy short ] Director, Editor
The Dinner Party
[ comedy short ] Editor
Crunchy White
"Brunch and Krunk (Spendin' Trillions On Eggs)" A song about brunch and pimpin'. [ comedy music video ] Director, Editor, Writer, Voice Actor
AirFast Tickets
"Draft" :30 [commercial] Editor
Seeing Other People
"We're All Adults Here" Series by comedians Brooke Van Poppelen and Giulia Rozzi. [comedy series] - Editor
The Exterminator
Zach Garner [ comedy music video ] Director, Editor
UE Boom Speaker
"Greatness" [ branded content ] Director, Editor, Writer
Rachel Dratch
Rachel Dratch discusses SNL and motherhood in her 40's. Editor
"The Prom" :30 [ commercial ] Director, Editor
Jimmy Walker
Comic legend Jimmy Walker reveals the origins of his signature catch phrase "DY-NO-MITE!" Editor
Lipton on Lipton
James Lipton interviews himself for the Oscars. Editor
Lizz Winstead
Lizz Winstead on creating The Daily Show and her stand-up career. Editor
Steve Guttenberg
Steve Guttenberg on the ups and downs of show business. Editor
Charlie Todd
Chalie Todd and the origins of his creation, "Improv Anywhere". Editor
Al Roker
Al Roker provides his own definition for the term "man candy". Editor
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